Employer & Business Consultation Services

ERI helps businesses and employers create and nurture inclusive work cultures by providing consultation, training, and technical assistance

How We Can Help You

Recruitment and Hiring: Drawing upon our extensive experience in job placement and employment support for people with disabilities, ERI offers specialized recruitment and hiring services to businesses seeking to diversify their staff or leverage a broader talent pool. We provide guidance on inclusive recruitment practices, assist in sourcing qualified candidates with disabilities, and offer support throughout the hiring process.

Workforce Solutions: ERI specializes in tailoring workforce solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses seeking to integrate individuals with disabilities into their workforce. Through customized consultations and assessments, we identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to optimize efficiency, productivity, and inclusivity within the workplace. Our expertise enables us to offer targeted solutions that enhance overall workforce performance.

Employee Retention: Recognizing the value of retaining talented employees, ERI offers targeted support to businesses aiming to enhance employee retention rates among individuals with disabilities. Through personalized retention strategies and ongoing support services, we help employers create a supportive and efficient workplace that fosters employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. We assist businesses in maximizing the potential of their workforce while promoting long-term organizational success.

How We Work

Hire Us: Our partnership models include fee for service, grant collaboration, and agency contracts.

Getting Started with ERI Business Services


Hiring People with Disabilities Makes Business Sense

Employers who create and nurture a diverse and inclusive work culture are rewarded with employees who are better able to solve problems, be productive, and adapt to change.

Hiring people with disabilities is good for business. Research shows companies that actively seek to employ people with disabilities outperform other businesses (Accenture, 2018), generating:

Higher Revenues

28% Higher Revenue

Higher Net Incomes

200% Higher Net Incomes

Higher Profit Margins

30% Higher Profit Margins

Those numbers - higher revenues, incomes, and profit margins – are a direct result of an inclusive workforce that includes people with disabilities.


Why choose ERI for Business Consultation Services?

Untapped Market of Talented Labor

ERI can help connect you to a frequently underutilized pool of millions of people with diverse talents, experiences, and problem-solving strengths.

Enhanced Brand Reputation and Customer Loyalty

Working with ERI to hire people with disabilities can significantly enhance your company's brand. It resonates positively with consumers, employees, and other stakeholders who value social responsibility and diversity.

Higher Retention Rates

Work with us to improve your employee retention. Employees with disabilities often exhibit high levels of loyalty and commitment to their employers, leading to lower turnover rates. This can significantly reduce the costs associated with recruitment, training, and lost productivity.

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