Employment Counseling

To us, work is more than a job. Work can improve health, stability, social connections, personal satisfaction, and of course, your wallet.

We believe every person with a disability will have the...

OPPORTUNITY to pursue and advance their work goals.

POSSIBILITY to become financially independent.

ABILITY to access healthcare to maintain a high quality of life.

Getting Started with Employment Counseling

Explore, achieve, and advance your work goals with ERI.

Having a job can be a key part of achieving independence. Not sure what jobs may be a good fit for you? Are you needing to change jobs or want to move ahead in your career?
We can help you explore your talents, interests, and skills to achieve your work goals.

Connect with employers, community resources, and explore your potential through ERI’s Employment Counseling Services.

We can help you:

  • Prepare for employment.
  • Find the right job.
  • Keep and maintain your work.
  • Advance in your job.
  • Change careers.
  • Advocate for what you need on the job.

Need help addressing challenges to reaching your work goals and increasing your income?

ERI's team can help you navigate work challenges, such as: juggling supports, healthcare coverage issues, benefits questions, and workplace accommodations.


Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Why choose ERI for Employment Counseling?

We Provide Personalized Support

By discovering your skills and abilities, and also your personal interests and challenges, we begin to get to know you. We tailor our recommendations and support to match not just any job, but the right job for you, making our service uniquely personal and effective.

We Make Community Connections

To address challenges to reaching your work goals, we can connect you to community resources and supports, such as: working with your employer and connecting you to benefits counseling, transportation, personal care, childcare, and health care services.

We Care About the Big Picture

At ERI, we go beyond individual support to advocate for changes that promote inclusive employment practices. Our active engagement with community organizations, disability advocacy groups, and employers not only helps in creating more opportunities for people with disabilities, but also positions us as leaders in the field of employment counseling.

Hear what people are saying about Employment Counseling!

"I am excited about possibly getting a job. Everything is going great!"
"All my questions were answered. I am happy in my current job and want to maintain my employment."
"Excellent; anytime I called I always received help right then and there or if not there they always called me back within a couple hours."
"I do bring up this program time to time to friends and family. I think this is a wonderful program that offers to help us."
"I found your advice to be exactly on point most helpful."

"ERI gave me the confidence to go back to work and showed concern about my health when going back to work. Thank You."