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Ticket to Work is a voluntary program created by Social Security to help people ages 18-64 who have the goal of working off of SSI or SSDI cash benefits.
Through Ticket to Work, people can access employment services from Social Security approved Employment Networks (ENs) or Vocational Rehabilitation agencies (VRs) while working to achieve self-sufficiency.
ERI offers individualized work incentives benefits counseling and support along with career planning and advancement assistance. Through Ticket to Work, ERI continues to provide support after DVR case closure.

Social Security has special rules intended to encourage people to try work. These rules are called work incentives.

Work incentives offer a safety net which makes it easier to try work without loss of benefits or access to healthcare. Work incentives also offer an easy way to get back on benefits when working isn’t possible for the person.

Getting Started with Ticket to Work

Why choose ERI for Ticket to Work services?

Customer Satisfaction

Since starting our employment network, more than 80+ people have “graduated” from the Ticket Program and achieved self-sufficiency.

Committed to Education

We take pride in staying up-to-date to better serve our ticket holders. We belong to the National Employment Network Association and National Association of Benefits and Work Incentive Specialists.

Employment Network Rating

ERI received a rating of “Excellent” in the most recent national employment network customer satisfaction surveys.

Hear what people are saying about ERI Plus!

"It's really nice to know there's help out there."
"You have helped me every step of the way so far. Very pleasant to work with and happy to answer all of my questions."
"Excellent; anytime I called I always received help right then and there or if not there they always called me back within a couple hours."
"I do bring up this program time to time to friends and family. I think this is a wonderful program that offers to help us."
"Helped me to comprehend what previously has been a great unknown wrapped in a mess."
"I really felt like they cared about me and my situation. They never rushed me and always called me back right away."
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